Capital Bee Honey

Take Sweet to New Heights With Unique Honey Flavors

Take Sweet to New Heights With Unique Honey Flavors

Buy Capital Bee Company honey in Hilton Head, SC

You might think that any type of honey is as good as any other. But honey is actually more complicated than you might realize. The flavor of honey can change depending on which flowers the bees used to make it. That means you can taste honey you won't find anywhere else when you shop for Capital Bee Company honey at Hilton Head Island House of Jerky.

Our jerky shop in Hilton Head, SC sells a variety of CBCo products for your convenience. Whether you're looking for your favorite flavors or you want to try something new, we'll help you reimagine honey with over a dozen unique, sweet flavors. Learn more when you contact us today.

What makes CBCo different

While any local honey might have a unique flavor, CBCo focuses on producing the most incredible flavors. They craft monofloral honey, which is honey made from a single type of flower. This means they can reproduce distinct flavors for you to enjoy all year long, so you never have to compromise on taste.

Experience the difference monofloral honey makes when you visit our jerky shop today.